Adir Group is the parent company of a quickly expanding collection of complementary brands bound together by our desire to enhance people's lifestyle through quality and beauty. We have captivated the property sector where we aim for an invaluable experience for all stakeholders that work with us; our ventures will not waiver until we have achieved the extraordinary.

As Adir Group continues to progress and pioneer the most up to date advances in technology and design, our commitment and dedication to the brand ensures our tailor-made products intrigue and enchant the most enthusiastic user.  Our ambitious young team are hands-on professionals and ensure that the journey from acquisition, through to the management, design and care, is obtained unconditionally.

Adir Group is comprised of two core teams: Uncommon and G&T

Uncommon is a coworking office space in London and offers creative, flexible workspace to support members by boosting business opportunities and reacting to their needs. 

G&T’s passion is executing remarkable residential property projects in special places.  Each one is carefully selected, ambitiously conceived, luxuriously appointed and immaculately finished.  More than that, G&T are transforming these spaces into enriched and comprehensive homes.